Innova Plastics

Choose the Innova Plastic Disc that is best suited for your game.

Over the years INNOVA has developed many different kinds of plastics to cater to the needs of disc golfers from beginners to professionals. Each of our different plastics offer unique characteristics and advantages to match the various needs of throwers and the diverse environments encountered on different disc golf courses.

Our top of the line Star plastic offers high performance, outstanding durability and great grip. Our GStar plastic offers superior durability with a more flexible and grippy feel than our other premium plastics and stays flexible at very low temperatures. Our superior Champion plastic provides very high quality discs with excellent durability.

Our versatile Driver Pro plastic enhances grip at a more affordable price point than Champion or Star. Our durable XT Pro plastic is firm and grippy. Our KC and was designed for top disc golf professionals and has a firm feel that is unique for disc golf. Our R-Pro plastic has a soft comfortable feel and the most grip in all conditions including rain and snow. Our ever-popular DX plastic is available in the widest variety of disc models and weights, plus it is offered at a value price.